Guatemala , El Paredón Buena Vista, 05007,
Aldea El Paredon Buena Vista, Escuintla (a 12 Kms. de Juan Gaviota).

Central America



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hotel costa del pacifico, familia, surf. ... El Paredón Buena Vista, Escuintla Guatemala. El Paredón Buena Vista, ... Siguenos: © 2013 Pelicanos Hotel Surf / C.E.P.

Pelicanos Hotel, El Paredón Buena Vista, Guatemala -

Facing the Acome River on one side, and the Pacific Ocean in the other, Pelicanos Hotel features private beach areas, panoramic views and outdoor pools for...

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... Find the best deal at Compare all the top travel sites at once. Browse 6 other hotels near Pelicanos Hotel, Puerto San Jose (Guatemala).

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Feb 8, 2010 ... Taberna El Pelicano - Restaurant Monterrico - Guatemala. Entrance ... One minute walk past Johnny's Place, on Calle des Hoteles. Monterrico ...

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Guatemala by Molly Carney The capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City. Guatemala is about the size of ... Monterrico. Pelicanos Hotel. La Riviera de Atitlán.


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