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Apartamente Pallós Vendégházak Location and Hotels Nearby in Sovata

Apartamente Pallós Vendégházak reviews

Apartamente Pallós Vendégházak, Sovata, Romania -

Apartamente Pallós Vendégházak offers accommodation in peaceful surroundings, 8 km from Sovata, as well as an outdoor pool throughout the entire year.

Pallós Vendégházak Sovata -

Conform contractului Pallós Vendégházak Sovata va garanteaza cele mai mici preturi de la 28.32 ron / persoana / noapte. ... 545500 Sovata, Str. Lunga 191 ( Romania) ... 1 x Apartament cu balcon cu panorama cu 3 camere pentru 11 pers.

Pallós Vendégházak Sovata -

Pallós Vendégházak Sovata. 191 Str. Lunga ., Sovata (Romania) 545500. Individual information: ...

Accommodations -

Apartamente Pallós Vendégházak. Sovata • 5.4 miles from center. Exceptional: 9.6. Latest Booking: yesterday. Reservation possible without a credit card ...

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Csaki Vendeghaz. 3 star. Sovata. More Info · Complex Turistic Pallos. 3 star. Sovata. More Info .... Apartament Alex. 0 star. Sovata. More Info ...


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