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Basement Building 1 No.Jia2 Wenhuiyuan Road



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Rent a car in China

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Bed and breakfast Beijing - Hotels in Beijing

Operating in Beijing since 2012, this hotel features Chinese architecture and modern comforts. ... Haihui Guest House offers fine accommodation in Beijing.

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China Doll now features yearly rental apartments. All of our apartments are located in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. Our apartments will be available for ...

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Yihai Hotel offers guestrooms decorated in warm shades in Xiamen. ... Haixi Centre, No.841, Haicang Avenue, Haicang, 361026 Xiamen, China – Show map.

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Instead Taiwan would become the last redoubt and home of the Chinese Nationalist ..... The complex comes complete with a 101-room hotel and restaurant. ..... Wang Haihui, who is from the city's transportation department, said this measure ...

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Many officials and guests attended the ceremony, including Li Ruilin, the ... The women's SHG has built 10 new houses, six of which were funded by the ... Lixin Jiangji Wangzhuyuan Haihui (Heifer China) Animal Husbandry Cooperative at the ...


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