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Strada Principala, Nr. 5



Casa Vlad reviews

Restaurant Casa Vlad Dracul Sighisoara -

Restaurantul Casa Vlad Dracul este situat în inima renumitului burg medieval Sighişoara, în imediata vecinãtate a Turnului cu Ceas.

Vlad Dracu house, Sighişoara· - Welcome to Romania

The ancient house of the Vlad Dracul family is situated on the Council tower square in what after the assumptions the dreadful Vlad Tepes born. The son of an  ...

Vlad Dracula Sites in Romania

First it is important to note that in Romania, Vlad is usually referred to as Vlad ... square the house where Vlad Tepes was born (on photo "Casa Vlad Dracul" is ...

Casa Vlad Costinesti - TURIST INFO .ro

Casa Vlad Costinesti. Contact direct cu proprietarul, preturi mici.

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