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Italian - Italy · English (United Kingdom) · French (Fr) · Home · 'A Picciridda · Guest house; Fotogallery. A' Picciridda · Guest House · Panarea · Panarea; Prezzi.

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A Picciridda - Self-catering in Sicily. Last cache: 18:06:39, Tuesday 22 December 2015. 98050 Panarea, Messina Sicily, Italy. Next. PL110434-terrace.

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Speaks: english, french, italian ... A Picciridda” is the ideal holiday place for young couples on their .... 'A Picciridda is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday.

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periculusu – dangerous piattu – plate picciotta – girl picciottu – boy picciridda – small girl picciriddu – small boy pinna – pen pinseru – thought pi piaciri – please

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Mar 1, 2007 ... Italian, Italy (Torino). VL1024 ... In Italian we say "figlio mio" to someone, even if he's not our son! ... What about "picciridda", "picciridda mia"?


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